David Beckham’s Guild Esports signs Scrub Killa, ex-Singularity duo

July 24, 2020 - 14:20
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It was long expected that past RLCS champion Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson would pair with Team Singularity’s Joseph “Noly” Kidd and Thomas “ThO” Binkhorst, and that has come true… albeit under a brand new banner.

The trio have been announced as the brand new Rocket League team of Guild Esports, a recently-established European organization co-owned by legendary football star David Beckham. Singularity announced the transfer of its players earlier this week, and the Guild announcement wasn’t too far behind.

Joining them at Guild is coach Mike “Gregan” Ellis, who helped Scrub’s former Team Vitality squad claim the RLCS title in Season 7 and return to the grand finals at the Season 8 World Championship.

“Our first month of coaching has been exhilarating and produced excellent results,” said Gregan, in a release. “The coming RLCS X spans one year during which time we will continue to develop as a team and hone our skills with the support of David Beckham and Guild. Our aim is to become World Champions in the first year-long RLCS season. We know we need to do more to get to the top by training correctly and finding the small edges through holistic approaches which will make us stand out from the rest.”

According to a release, Gregan will also help establish a Guild Esports academy team with a path-to-pro process between them, and emphasize both mental and physical wellbeing with Guild players as he did with Vitality.

“We are pleased to welcome coach Mike ‘Gregan’ Ellis and our new esports athletes to the Guild family,” said executive chairman Carleton Curtis. “Given the extensive knowledge that Mike possesses regarding the Rocket League scene, combined with his understanding of Guild’s strategy to grow young talent via our path-to-pro system, this signing makes perfect sense. Guild is committed to the long-term success of this team and we intend to meet our competition by nurturing our athletes, who have already demonstrated top-caliber performances, in an academy setting. They are world-class players and we have been impressed with their work ethic and accomplishments to date.”

Even with this departure, it sounds like Team Singularity isn’t leaving Rocket League altogether. The organization’s official Twitter account has hinted at a fast-approaching announcement, with a blog post announcement adding, “Later this week we will make an announcement in regard to the future of Team Singularity’s Rocket League division.”

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