OCE Shuffle: CJCJ joins Renegades as Torsos departs

February 5, 2020 - 06:12
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Rosters might have been locked in North America and Europe a couple weeks back, but Oceania’s roster shuffle is just getting into full swing this week. On Monday, Renegades announced that Daniel “Torsos” Parsons had departed its OCE Rocket League roster, and now we know who will fill the void.

Cameron “CJCJ” Johns has been announced as the latest addition to Renegades, completing the Season 9 roster alongside former teammate Cameron “Kamii” Ingram as well as Christopher “Siki” Magee. As for Torsos, rumors had swirled around a reunion with his former Chiefs teammate Matthew “Drippay” Den-Katt, and that now seems an incredibly likely destination given CJCJ’s departure.

Drippay himself had rejoined Chiefs last season after an ill-fated season in North America with Evil Geniuses. His pairing with CJCJ was expected to yield a surefire LAN team, but an inconsistent regular season led to a shocking upset by Canberra Havoc in the regional championship to leave the Chiefs stuck at home. For CJCJ, it’s been two straight seasons away from the World Championship.

Torsos is the only OCE player to compete in every RLCS World Championship since the region joined the league in Season 3, but his teams have struggled there the last two seasons since his peak 4th-place finish with Chiefs in Season 6 (alongside Drippay). Of course, the old Chiefs roster eventually joined Renegades, and then Tainted Minds/ICON merged with Chiefs and took on that branding, so it’s been a whole lot of musical chairs in OCE over the last year without strong international results to show for it.

In any case, the reunion of the previously successful duo of CJCJ and Kamii could be good news for Renegades, alongside the very capable Siki, while a possible return of Torsos and Drippay (alongside Jonathan “Express” Slade) could add a further spark that the OCE region has been lacking of late.

Stay tuned: we’re sure to hear of Torsos’ destination very, very soon. (Note that he’s now sporting a Twitter profile photo of himself in a Chiefs jersey, along with an Alpha Sydney banner.)

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