Player's Diary, Part 1

G2’s Chicago about facing his former teammates, last week’s reverse sweep and his favorite Netflix shows

April 12, 2019 - 18:04
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In our weekly column, G2’s newcomer Chicago takes us behind the scenes of the RLCS. In their first week of League Play, G2 faced Spacestation Gaming and seemed to struggle a bit at first. In the end, they managed to reverse sweep the RLCS newcomers formerly known as Bread.

In our first episode of “Player’s Diary”, Chicago talks about the match against Spacestation Gaming, the upcoming weekend and why he watches Netflix while training in Free Play.

“We weren’t exactly at our peak”

“The first week of RLCS was an intense one. Going into the match, we knew that Spacestation Gaming is a contender for the top 4 or 5 spot in NA, so we definitely didn’t take them lightly, but I never expected that we would need to fully reverse sweep them. I guess everybody was a little nervous. We weren’t exactly at our peak. It was my first RLCS match as a player for G2. By now, we definitely know how to play together, but I guess we were a little surprised by Spacestation Gaming. This was only the second time ever that we have played against them and a league match is never comparable to scrims. You never know what to expect.

“Often times I just watch some Netflix and go into Free Play”

After the match on Saturday, we usually take Sundays off, but it depends. Sometimes I just fire up a training pack to play a little bit, so that I don’t get too rusty. Often times, I just watch some Netflix and go into Free Play. In my opinion, it’s the most effective way to keep your mechanics fresh. Most people don’t realize how good of a tool Free Play is. I am really relaxed when I watch some Netflix while training some Backboard Bounces in that mode to build muscle memory. The shows that I watch I can usually just listen to on the side and still follow along. I just finished ‘Breaking Bad’. I actually never really watched TV until a year ago. It was just YouTube and Twitch for me, but lately, I’ve come to enjoy a couple of shows. I’ve been watching ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Narcos’ and ‘Stranger Things’. Currently, I usually watch an episode of ‘Dexter’ and do some Free Play.

“I’d like to improve my decision making”

The thing is, that I don’t exactly need to train my mechanics. If there’s one aspect that I’d like to improve, it’s my decision making. Sometimes it can be a little off. For instance, that I am too far away from the ball, but still feel like I can challenge it. Improving my decision making is currently my main goal.

I’m really excited for this upcoming week. We have to play two teams in one day: Rogue and Evil Geniuses. Naturally, we studied both. They actually played against each other last week, and we had to figure out a game plan for both teams. Generally, I love to play two teams in one day. You’d think that it’s tougher, but almost everybody I know in RLCS would rather play two matches per day, because even if you lose one match, you’re still warmed up for the second game. I would love to have a Round Robin and play each team twice.

“Playing against Kronovi will be a lot of fun”

Anyway, this week will be a lot of fun and show our full potential. I call it the “Grudge Match Week”, because Rogue have Kronovi in their roster who used to play for G2. This will definitely be a lot of fun for Rizzo and JKnaps. Then, on the other hand we play against Evil Geniuses, my former team. These rivalries make the game more entertaining. During the match, I never think too much about who I’m playing. There might be a situation where I think about the tendency of a player, but mostly I just focus on my team’s plan. So far, there hasn’t been too much banter prior to our upcoming match, but I would love to have more banter in RLCS. It creates these rivalries. So, in case we win against EG, I might tweet something out.”

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